Re-balancing and felling storm damaged trees

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What are the effects of storm damage?

Our highly trained, experienced and fully insured tree surgeons can safely fell your tree in the most efficient way possible. If a tree is permanently damaged or poses a serious risk to local structures or people’s safety, we are able to excavate that area and replant a new sapling in its place. The remaining stump will be ground into wood chip mulch which can be used by you in your own garden.

Signs of storm damaged trees to look out for

While trees will always sway in high winds, you should definitely give us a call if there are cracks in the earth around the base of the tree, branches hanging loosely in the tree or the whole tree has recently started to tilt. We will do our best to make sure the tree is safe to be around, and if it isn’t we can re-balance or fell the tree depending on circumstances.